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Service offers a user interrogative statistical database of UK and Irish Horse racing from 2002. Covers horse, trainer and jockey statistics.

Introduction :

Company Name & Contact DetailsFootball Bet Data, Brighton email: [email protected]
Cost:Free basic membership. Advanced £6.99 per month or £39.99 annually. (Joint membership with sister site Football Bet Data available at £9.99pm or £59.99pa)
Money Back GuaranteeNo
What Do You GetHorse Racing statistical service offering data since 2002
Where to buyRacing Bet Data
How Much Money Do I need to get started?N/A
How much money can I make?N/A - this is a betting tool
How much time will I need to make this work?User determines
Will I need any equipment to do this?Internet Connection
Value for moneyYes
Quality of customer serviceGood - prompt and informed responses to enquiries

Our Review:

This is a review I conducted in 2015 and which still holds water today.

The author of this new service is also behind Football Bet Data, which was recognised as betting product of the year 2014. Those who have used both services will be aware of the similarities in presentational style. And more important they will know that Chris is keen to provide as good a service as possible to his subscribers.

It is possible to get a feel for the basics of the site free but to make effective use of the options available a subscription is necessary. This allows access to the database which covers UK and Irish racing and has historic data back to 2002. The site is updated daily with results and odds information. Form aficionados will find this to be a great source of information.

A narrative description can hardly do justice to the scope of the service and I suggest that interested users take an hour out and just explore what can be done. Its pretty intuitive and of course the use you wish to make of the site will depend on your own racing interests and requirements. This could be as simple as a jockey/trainer combination history or taking into account multiple filters which you can select.

Your selection output is then analysed in a summary table offering profit data which is an effective way of checking the validity of your plans. If required you may download the output into Excel for further manipulation.

I thought that it might be useful to have an acquaintance who is much more of a racing form expert than me take a look at the service and his comment was that:

“the service is really easy to use and the geekier among us could spend hours reviewing data. But it won’t appeal to the quick fix league. I have previously looked for such a site but never found anything so good. For anyone with a system it should be possible to test to destruction in a few hours or add the filters that might just make it work!”

Talking of systems this will be the next development stage when it will be possible to save searches and thus find your selections readily on each day. This will take the value of the whole site up to even higher levels and they are pretty good already.

As discussed the system will not appeal to all but for anyone with an interest in form analysis it is at the very least worth checking out in detail. A 1 month subscription will hardly break your bank and the annual subscription level is significantly below what you might expect to pay for such a comprehensive resource.

We would recommend that you give it a thorough check out to see how it may help you improve your betting performance.


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