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Running since 2006 Football Bet Data allows users to predict match results,scores and displays true odds for matches allowing identification of value opportunities. Advanced users can derive and save their own systems for future use. Can also export output to Excel.

Introduction :

Company Name & Contact DetailsFootball Bet Data, Brighton email: [email protected]
Cost:Free basic membership. Advanced £6.99 per month or £39.99 annually. (Joint membership with sister site Racing Bet Data available at £9.99pm or £59.99pa)
Money Back GuaranteeNo
What Do You GetStatistical Service offering football data since 1998 for around 65 leagues world wide.
Where to buyFootball Bet Data
How Much Money Do I need to get started?N/A
How much money can I make?N/A - this is a betting tool
How much time will I need to make this work?User determines
Will I need any equipment to do this?Internet connection
Value for moneyYes
Quality of customer serviceGood - prompt and informed responses to enquiries

Our Review:

I make no apology for repeating the review I undertook in 2014 – the service is still excellent and worth serious study for those who want to devise their own betting strategies and not rely on tipsters.

Every now and then we come across a little goldmine and this service may well just be one. It will appeal to the statistically minded football betting fraternity especially those who want to develop their own systems.

Initial access is free so you can see what is available and there is a video showing how to use the service. If you want to make full use of things you will need to upgrade to advanced membership.

There are 2 main elements to the service – historic data and predictions. Both cover some 65 leagues across the world and go back as far as the 1997-8 season. Any report that you generate can be exported to Excel and then developed further as the user requires.

I have included an example of a report downloaded plus the analysis that is derived automatically from the report (don’t worry about the actual figures on this – my report was just to illustrate the way data is presented and not aimed at a killer system!)

You can see that example here

Systems can be saved by the user so that reports can be run as each week’s events become live. Because of the ever changing nature of the input data the reports are considered accurate for events up to the date run. They include the predicted odds and the maximum odds considered applicable as well as final score number of goals and result forecasts.  The odds predictions calculations are explained in a PDF and this demonstrates the great detail which is underpinning this service. Users can define their requirements to very specific settings and of course refine these as they review the out put.

Using the service is relatively straightforward even though the interface is a bit clunky – no doubt a product of the longevity of the service and the significant amount of underlying data that needs to be made available. Downloading the output is simple.

In addition to the main services (monthly/annual subscription) there is an additional product which attracts a one off payments. The Betfair Tool is an Excel download which allows the user to green up on any game where there is an in play market. The tool is used in conjunction with the score predictions from the main service.

There is no doubt that this site offers much useful and potentially profitable information for those who are prepared to put in some effort to interpret it for their personal use. If users have questions the customer service is both prompt and effective.

To investigate whether the products are useful for you will take a small investment – if the basic site information does not convince you – but the amount involved is miniscule and not really a consideration if you are serious. On this basis we are happy to recommend members consider the offerings.


Football Bet Data – Review Update 10/07/2014

Earlier in the year we reviewed this service which has been around since 2006. It is the brainchild of Chris who looks after everything personally but clearly does things right as evidenced by the positive comments we have seen since publishing the review.

The service website has recently been given a makeover and additional features have been added which improve further the potential value of the service.

Note – February 2018

I spoke with Chris who is as on the ball as ever and tweaking the service when required. He tells me a revamp of the website is in hand and should be completed by the summer when there will also be more video training available.

Don’t forget to take a look at the sister site which offers a similar service for horse racing – review here – and you can access both sites for a reduced overall subscription.

Excellent value whatever option you take and still well worth investigating.

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